June July 2018 Messenger
VOLUME 70                                       JUNE / JULY 2018                                     NUMBER 6/7

Jesus intended that every time the disciples celebrated His Last Supper it should cause them to anticipate His return to earth.  When one day He will eat and drink again, face-to-face, with those who belong to Him (Matthew 26:29).  When we partake of Communion we also direct our thoughts and desires to His return for us (I Thessalonians 5:10).
When we consciously reaffirm God's forgiveness and His love, demonstrated by the price Jesus paid to obtain this righteousness for us, how rich the Communion Service becomes.  He is our Passover Lamb!
To partake of the bread, is to partake of the life of Jesus in order to have the strength to forsake our old life and walk in the newness of life, it is a symbol of our deliberate spiritual choice to receive Him into every area of our life.
To partake of the Cup is to believe and receive God's remission of our sins through the shed blood of Jesus, poured out for many for forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:28).
Should not our love, our thanksgiving, and our active receptivity at the time of Communion bring Him joy as He graciously meets us in this intimate fellowship?

Pastor David will conduct a service of the word for Healing, following the 10:45 am. service Sundays, June 3 and July 1.  Please join us.

Summer Sunday School will start June 3.  Adults will meet in Sunday Memorial hall.  They will be studying "God's Urgent Call."  "One size fits all" does not apply to how God calls people to serve Him - or for that matter, to how people respond to His call.  As the calls were not uniform, neither were the responses to them.  Usually the called person was quite hesitant about saying yes to what God had in mind.  Barak, Gideon, Moses, and Jeremiah each offered an explanation of why he could not do what God commanded.  The only eager respondent was Isaiah: "Here am I.  Send me!" (Isaiah 6:8).  Christians from all centuries have all been called to make a difference in whatever sphere of influence they live or work.  Every follower of Jesus can, by his or her lifestyle, witness, break down barriers, preach, and demonstrate the inclusive nature of the Gospel.  The means of delivering the Gospel is not "one size fits all," since we are gifted differently.  We must remember that we speak for a Savior whose message does indeed "fit all," for He died for the sins of everyone.  May our lives be a faithful testimony through which the call of that Savior to a lost world is clearly and lovingly heard.
            June 3            Deborah and Barak             Judges 4:1-10
            June 10         Gideon                                   Judges 6:11-18
            June 17         Jephthah                               Judges 11:4-11, 29-31
            June 24         Samson                                 Judges 13:1-7, 24, 25
            July 1             Moses                                    Exodus 3:1-12
            July 8             Isaiah                                     Isaiah 6:1-8
            July 15           Jeremiah                               Jeremiah 1:4-10
            July 22           Ezekiel                                   Ezekiel 3:1-11
            July 29           Amos                                      Amos 7:10-17
Summer Sunday School pre-quiz:  (Answers will be found in Sunday Memorial Hall)
Deborah the judge was also a prophet.  True or False.
Deborah held court under what kind of tree?  Palm, oak, fig?
How did the Lord first contact Gideon?  Vision, voice, angel?
Gideon was a wealthy farmer from a prominent family.  True or False.
After he attacked enemies and won, Jephthah demanded to be made head.           True or False.
Jephthah made an unwise _____ before the battle.
The mother of Samson was told to drink no wine while pregnant.  True or False.
Samson was under a vow known as what?  Levite, Nazirite, Hittite?
Who was the father-in-law of Moses?  Jedidiah, Rameses, Jethro?
At the burning bush, Moses was required to put on special shoes.  True or False.
Isaiah had a vision of Heaven in the year that King ____ died.
Isaiah's lips were cleansed when touched by what?  Holy oil, new snow, live coal.
Jeremiah was chosen by the Lord on the day of his birth.  True or False.
The Lord chose Jeremiah to be a prophet to what?  The nations, Israel, Assyria?
What advantage did Ezekiel have in speaking to Israel?  Same language, loud voice, many friends?
The Lord promised Ezekiel that the people of Israel would accept his message.  True or False.
Amos was forbidden to speak at the king's sanctuary at _____ . 
Before the Lord called him to prophesy, Amos did what?  Tended sheep and fruit trees, made pottery, tanned leather?

Women of Bethany will meet Monday, June 4, at 1:00 pm.  Program will be Cookies for our Shut-ins.  Jean Beard will have refreshments.
Please bring Canned Goods for the Food Pantry...AND cookies for the packages!!

Cookies are needed for the packages for our Shut-ins.  Please deliver to the Church for the women's meeting June 4 at 1:00 pm.  Thank you.

The "Walk" was completed last fall and is beautiful, please stop by and check it out.  Recently several people have inquired if it would be possible to add bricks to the walk and yes it is.  Requirements being the same as last year.  The cost of each ("4 x 8")
brick is $50.00 and can be imprinted with up to Three lines of 15 characters each (including spaces).  You can let the church office know of your desire to purchase a brick/bricks during the months of April and May. Order will be placed with the brick company Wednesday, June 6, 2018.  Call (570 368-8933) or come in to the office for a form.

Miniature Golf - June 10 - at Hoopla's at the Mall.  Meet at 5:00 pm. at Hoopla's.  Weather permitting.

Bloodmobile will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church, Friday, June 15, from 1:00 - 6:00 pm.  Anyone willing to help by donating sandwich spreads or money to buy them, please let Betty Letscher know (570-322-3685). 
Future dates for bloodmobile at Bethany:  September 14 and November 16.

Financial seminar - Wednesday, June 20
You are invited to a special event.  Get important financial strategies from a membership organization of Christians that's been helping members be wise with money and live generously for more than 100 years.  Wednesday, June 20 at 7:00 pm. in the Fellowship Hall.

Bethany's nurses will be checking blood pressures - June 24 and July 22
On the last Sunday of each month, our parish nurses will again be checking blood pressures.  Come to the Library after either Service on that day and have your blood pressure checked.

Church office will be closed Monday, July 4 - Independence day

Vacation bible school will be held July 23 - July 27
Vacation Bible School will be held July 23 - 27, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  There will be Bible stories, singing, crafts, games, and snacks for pre-school thru sixth grade.  Come join them for lots of fun learning about God!  Registration forms will be in the bulletin.
Helpers will be needed: teachers' aides, craft helpers, snack donations, snack helpers, etc.  If you will help, contact Karen Paulhamus (546-8558).  If you would help sponsor snacks and craft supplies, please donate in the Church Office (mark your check "VBS").

Church picnic will be held Sunday, August 26
Plan to attend the Church Picnic Sunday, August 26, at Indian Park.  Meet at 4:00 pm.  Bring a dish to share, table service, and beverage.  Hot dogs will be provided.  A Vespers Service will be held at 6:30 pm.  Please make reservations in the Church Office (368-8933) by Thursday, August 23.

Hoss's event results
THANK YOU to all who went to Hoss's.  We received a check in the amount of $136.16 for Pastor's Discretionary Fund.


            Pastor's Office hours at the Church: Monday - Thursday  9:00 am. - 4:30 pm.
            Church phone: 570-368-8933                
            Home phone: 570-322-3685
            email:  pastorbethanyNALC@gmail.com

Donations to replenish Pastor's Discretionary would be greatly appreciated.  Mark your check "Pastor's Fund."  Thank you.

June happenings
            Healing Service - Sunday, June 3 - noon
            Women of Bethany - Monday, June 4 - 1:00 pm.
            Miniature Golf - Sunday, June 10 - 5:00 pm. - Hoopla's
            Church Council - Monday, June 11 - 7:15 pm.
            Bloodmobile - Bethany - Friday, June 15 - 1:00 - 6:00 pm.
            Stewardship Committee - Monday, June 18 - 7:00 pm.
            Mission Committee - Monday, June 18 - 7:30 pm.
            Thrivent Seminar - Wednesday, June 20 - 7:00 pm.
            Stuff Newsletters - Monday, June 25 - 9:00 am.
            Social Ministry Committee - Monday, June 25 - 7:00 pm.
            Christian Education Committee - Monday, June 25 - 8:00 pm.

July happenings
            Healing Service - Sunday, July 1 - noon
            Evangelism Committee - Monday, July 16 - 10:00 am.
            Mission Committee - Monday, July 16 - 7:30 pm.
            Finance Committee - Tuesday, July 17 - 7:00 pm.
            Property Committee - Tuesday, July 17 - 7:00 pm.
            Staff Support Committee - Tuesday, July 17 - 8:00 pm.
            Vacation Bible School - Monday, July 23 thru Friday, July 27 - 6:00-8:00 pm.
            Deadline for Newsletter Items - Tuesday, July 24
            Stuff Newsletters - Monday, July 30 - 9:00 am.
            Worship and Music Committee - Monday, July 30 - 7:00 pm.

August happenings
            Healing Service - Sunday, August 5 - noon
            Church Council - Monday, August 13 - 7:15 pm.
            Stewardship Committee - Monday, August 20 - 7:00 pm.
            Mission Committee - Monday, August 20 - 7:30 pm.
            Finance Committee with Committee Chairs - Tuesday, August 21 - 7:00 pm.
            Church Picnic - Sunday, August 26 - 4:00 pm. - Indian Park
            Vespers at Park - Sunday, August 26 - 6:30 pm.
            Stuff Newsletters - Monday, August 27 - 9:00 am.
            Social Ministry Committee - Monday, August 27 - 7:00 pm.
            Christian Education Committee - Monday, August 27 - 8:00 pm.

Church Council actions at the May meeting -
Accepted Committee reports: Stewardship, Mission, Social Ministry, Christian Education
Received Pastor's Report

Income received through April 30, 2018 (17 Sundays)                                      $ 66,413.41
Expenses through April 30, 2018                                                                              72,940.05
Balance                                                                                                                       $ - 6,526.64
Income received through April 30, 2017 (18 Sundays)                                     $ 77,202.99
Expenses through April 30, 2017                                                                              69,620.89
Balance                                                                                                                         $ 7,582.10

Confirmed May 20:  Mark Whitmoyer and Cadence Jones
Received into Membership May 27:  Connie Willard
Thank You - I am thankful to all the members who have provided transportation and meals during my cancer treatments at Geisinger and grateful for all your prayers.  God bless you All!
                                      -- Sincerely Kathy Goditus and "Makeela" my cat
Thank You to the congregation for all the beautiful Birthday cards I received and for the Altar Flowers.  You made my day.  they were greatly appreciated.                                          --Beverly Brown
Thank You for all the prayers, cards, calls, and concerns during my recent illness.  I appreciated all.                       -- Joan Hanner
Thank You to all who went to Hoss's, we received a check for $136.16 for Pastor's Discretionary Fund.
Thank You to everyone for the cards and calls for my Birthday.
                                                               -- Jim Foose
Thank You to all who helps to move the handbell tables. 

A mission committee project again this year is to fill as many Christmas shoeboxes as possible for Operation Christmas child, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse.  A few ladies have volunteered to make adorable little crocheted dolls and teddy bears for the boxes.  If you are talented at crocheting or know someone who is and would like to help with this project, please contact June Grube (570-368-1424 or junegrube@verizon.net) for the pattern and/or more information.

Contributions to our Memorial Fund is a way of remembering those who have passed away or in honor of those who are still living.   Monies can be donated to the Memorial Fund or to Pastor's Discretionary Fund.
            In memory of Robert J. Heckrote: Dr. & Mrs. Donald Shearer  (5/22)

Bibles for Prison are needed.  The Lycoming County Prison Chaplain reports that the number of inmates attending Bible study continues to grow, and requests for Bibles has increased.  Donations to help buy Bibles would be appreciated.  Please mark your check "Bibles." Thank you.

Yokefellow Prison Ministry is in need of volunteers.  Would you consider being a part 
of the ministry along with us?   Please contact the Yokefellow Office (326-6868) if you would be interested in this most rewarding ministry. 

Annual memorial service at old Immanuel Lutheran church
Mr. Jim Girven, Lutheran Authorized Lay Worship Leader, will be the officiant at the Annual Memorial Service at Old Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lime Bluff Road, Muncy, Sunday, June 10, at 2:00 pm.  The theme that Mr. Girven has chosen for the service is "We are Possessed."  Mr. Girven comes to Old Immanuel from the Messiah-St. James Lutheran parish of Muncy.  Both of these churches are "children" of Old Immanuel, and they are delighted to have Mr. Girven lead them in this service.  Mrs. Jane Landon will provide music on the church's antique pump organ.
Old Immanuel is considered to be the mother church of Lutheranism in Lycoming County.  Founded in 1791, it lived until its doors shut permanently in 1920.  The first structure built on the property was of log; the second and third (the remaining) structures were of brick.  The current building was dedicated in 1869, and contains two cornerstones, one in German dated 1832, and one in English dated 1869.  At least 9 Revolutionary Soldiers and 5 Civil War Soldiers are buried in the historic cemetery.  The church was built on land donated by Henry and Barbara Shoemaker, of "Shoemaker Mills" at the Routes 442/405 intersection.
At one time, there was a school associated with Old Immanuel, and the church contained a gallery, a wine-glass pulpit, and enough straight-back pews to seat 600 people.
Old Immanuel closed its doors for regular services in 1920, after giving rise to 19 other Lutheran congregations.  Some of these have also closed their doors, such as Moreland Lutheran, Trinity (Huntersville), St. Paul's (Millville), Germany Church, Katy's Church, St. Mark's (Lairdsville), Christ Lutheran (Montgomery), Messiah (Alvira), the Stone Church in Elimsport, and Zion's, also in Elimsport.  Some of these churches have taken on new identities as they have become home to other congregations.
Churches that have sprung up from Old Immanuel that continue with the Lutheran tradition include Trinity and Mt. Zion (Hughesville), St. Andrew's (Muncy), St. James (Montgomery), and Bethany (Montoursville).
The public is invited to attend this service as well as to tour the historic church.  Light refreshments will be served after the service.  For more information, or to follow Old Immanuel more closely, "Like" them on FaceBook!!!

They continue to see an increase each month in the number of clients they have assisted.  The need is great.  These are tough times for all of us.  Items needed: cake mix, cereal, hot cocoa, coffee, powdered creamer, powdered drink mix, frosting, canned fruits, granola bars, hamburger helper, jello, ketchup, mac-n-cheese, instant mashed potatoes, mustard, egg/spaghetti noodles, oatmeal packets, oodles of noodles, pasta, pasta sauce, peanut butter, microwave popcorn, poptarts, pork-n-beans, pudding mix, ramen noodles, saltines, chunky soups, soups (chicken noodle soup, tomato soup), spaghetti sauce, stuffing, sugar (1 lb.), regular tea bags, canned tuna, canned vegetables, clean plastic grocery bags (no holes), 30 gal trash bags, disinfectant wipes.

William Bair - 1213 Cedar St, Montoursville  17754
Herbert and Sandy Bright - 628 Broad St, Montoursville  17754
Joanne Bosch - Williamsport Home, 1900 Ravine Rd, Bldg A 316, Williamsport  17701
Shirlee English - PO Box 322, Montoursville  17754
Marjorie Gower - 1409 Jordan Ave, Montoursville  17754
Virginia Laudig - 1119 Broad St, Montoursville  17754
Helen Leidhecker - Valley View Nursing Center, 2140 Warrensville Rd, Montoursville
Sandra Long - Muncy Skilled Nursing, 215 E Water St, Muncy  17756
Catherene F Lowe - Aristia Care, 1445 Sycamore Rd, Montoursville  17754
Roxie Lundy - 410 Arch St, Montoursville
Eleanor Mellish - 1246 Deerfield Dr, Williamsport  17701
Tessie Moss - 12 Lutheran Home Dr, Personal Care 220, Telford  PA  18969
Francis Poeth - 1900 Ravine Rd, Apt 1226, Williamsport  17701
Hilary Schmouder - The Meadows Room 111, 2160 Warrensville Rd, Montoursville  17754
Eleanor Shaheen, 515 Rt 405, Hughesville  17737
Richard (Fred) Shultz - 1275 Broad St, Montoursville  17754
Darla Starr - 68 Sechler Dr, Montoursville  17754
Joan Swartz - 1012 Arthur Rd, Montoursville  17754
Cella Taylor - 1412 Broad St, Montoursville  17754

A MESSAGE FROM SHEPHERD OF THE STREETS - The ministry receives no State or Federal funds, but only contributions from people and churches.  The cost of nearly everything (especially medicine) has gone up and the economy has gone down.  At the SOS office they have ceased some help-programs, taken cuts in personal financial involvement, and have plans for cutting some other programs with medical and safety emphasis.  For you who have faithfully given, they are most appreciative.  For you who will give in this winter season, they are grateful and they thank you even now for your support to help us achieve their mission.  Be assured that your donation will be used to help with medicine, glasses, safe practices, and work-entry needs.  Please donate thru Bethany Church office.  They will still be giving out hygiene kits: toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream razors, shampoo, conditioner, women's hygiene products, towels, wash cloths, bedding, tissues, toilet paper, blankets, soap, deodorant, combs, baby diapers, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby Q-tips, baby wipes, baby powder.

If you or anyone you know is to be hospitalized, please notify the Church Office (368-8933).  It is our desire to minister to you and your family, however that cannot happen if  we don't receive notification.

Home Bound Communion is always available to our shut-ins.  If you desire to have Communion, please call the Church Office (368-8933).
Equipment is available to borrow during recovering from surgery and for the elderly.  We have walkers, canes, equipment for the bathtub and commode.  If you have a need, talk to the staff.

We are still sharing our knitting, crocheting, and quilting gifts with others by making blankets of all sizes (baby, children, adult) for those with cancer or going thru traumatic experiences at hospitals.  Please bring to the Church Office.