Pastor Steve Shipman, Interim
Megan Shaffer, Intern
Mary M. Paulhamus, Director of Music
Mike Twigg, Office Manager
Deb Harmon, Sexton

2022 Congregation Officers
Dave Grube, President-F
Mike Stover, Vice President-F
Nichole Carey, Secretary-F
Weston Miller, Treasurer

2022 Congregation Council
Jamie Brouse 2023-X
Michael Brouse  2024-X
Nichole Carey 2024-F
Dave Grube 2023-F
Richard Hillegas 2022-X
Glenn Kaufman 2023-F
Ruth Lundy 2023-X
Weston Miller 2022-X
David Neidig  2022-F
Philip Oechler 2022-X
Kathie Snauffer  2024-X
Gail Stover 2024-F
Michael Stover 2023-X

F = First term, X = Final Term

2021 Committee Chairs
Call Committee:  
Christian Education: Karen Paulhamus
Finance: Ruth Lundy
Property: Dave Neidig
Staff Support: Gail Stover
Women of Bethany: Gail Stover
Worship and Music: Rev. Dennis Smith