ELCA to NALC Task Force Notes
Welcome to the NALC-ATF Committee page

At the April 2014 meeting, Council formed a new committee called the NALC Affiliation Task Force Committee (NALC-ATFC). It was given the responsibility of preparing the congregation for a vote to change Bethany's affiliation from the ELCA to the NALC. Glenn Kaufman, Kathy Sausser, Mike Stover and Dave Grube volunteered to serve on this committee. 
The following articles are to help you better understand why this action is considered necessary and why your Council chose the NALC.

Articles to help inform the Congregation

Dr. Carl Braaten provides a history of how the Lutheran church has slowly drifted from emphasizing the gospel to its present emphasis on social issues. This covers a time period from the 60's to the present even though it was written in 1991 and explains the real problem within the ELCA with which we ought to be concerned.
Decline of Lutheranism in U.S.

Rev. Mark C. Chavez gives the complete history of recent events involving the ELCA and the resulting crisis which now exists. This article covers the time period from 1988, when the ELCA was formed, to the present.
Events leading to crisis in ELCA

This article explains the events which lead to the formation of the NALC. It gives insight into the mind set of those involved and their true intentions.
Why the NALC is needed

Two articles have been combined here to make it easier to follow. The first was a letter written by the first Bishop of the ELCA, Herbert W. Chilstrom, and it has been interspersed with responding comments by Pastor Jonathan Sorum. The subject as proposed by the Bishop is that those who oppose the actions of the ELCA at the 2009 Churchwide Assembly have some sort of hang-up with the subject of sex, and that all of the opposition is based on sexual issues. Pastor Sorum explains the real reasons for the confessing movement's objections to the ELCA of today.

The following articles are included to illustrate some of the extreme elements in the ELCA. These examples are quite well known and the ELCA is not taking any official action to correct them. As members of the ELCA, we are viewed as condoning these practices/beliefs even though we are not actively practicing these behaviors.

This link is to an article written by the assistant to the bishop of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the ELCA. It was posted by the bishop on his official website. It calls Jesus' virgin birth a myth. As you read this, think about what you say Sunday mornings as you say the creed.
virgin birth is a myth

This website is in recognition and celebration of a ceremony conducted by the bishop and associate bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA on July 25, 2010. At this ceremony seven former ELCA clergy were reinstated after having been removed several years earlier for being actively gay individuals. This was a long ceremony so certain parts were extracted and copied for you to make it easier to find the problem areas. Below the url is a link to selected parts of the official bulletin used during the ceremony..
sps7 website

Excerpts from SPS7 ceremony

The following link is to an ELCA church located in San Francisco where their website states:
Our mission is to embody and voice the prophetic wisdom and word of the Divine Feminine, to uplift the values of compassion, creativity and care for the earth and one another.At herchurch, we create a sacred space for those who wish to worship at the cutting edge and outside of the  traditional Christian framework, both slightly outside, and waaaaay outside. We are fortunate to have pagans, non-theists, yogis, spiritual seekers of all sorts as well as Christians, Jews, Muslims, and life-long Lutherans as members of our faith/spiritual community.
Her Church


This article is a critique of the new (2006) Lutheran Book of Worship promoted by the ELCA.
LBW critique

ELCA Current agenda
This link connects you to the ELCA website and the minutes of the churchwide assembly. The minutes give you insight into what the ELCA considers important enough to discuss and devote time and resources toward.
Churchwide Assembly Minutes


Where you can learn more about the NALC.
Bethany is currently a member of Lutheran CORE which works very closely with the NALC and originated from the same parent organization.
Lutheran CORE website